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INTK researches and develops online strategies and creates critical interventions that reflect on art, technology and society. Feel free to contact us, +31613719204.

The National Maritime Museum (Het Scheepvaartmuseum) together with INTK and One Big Agency, created an interactive ‘Streete View’ using old maps from XVII and XVIII century. Check it out!



Nick Poole (Collections Trust)

Interview with Nick Poole (CEO of the Collections Trust) about the challenge of designing museum services - both online and onsite.


Michael Edson (Smithsonian)

Three urgent topics for all museums: scope, scale and speed. Interview with Michael Edson, Director of Web and New Media Strategy at Smithsonian.


Andrew Lewis (V&A)

Andrew Lewis talks about the openness, data drive approaches and user oriented design as followed by the Victoria and Albert Museum digital strategy.

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Peter Gorgels (Rijksmuseum)

Peter Gorgels talks about Rijksmuseum digital strategy that focus on connecting people, art and history.


Museum Analytics: Action Research Project

A project focused on defining, measuring and evaluating online success in the cultural sector.


Allegra Burnette (MOMA)

Allegra Burnette talks about the history of MoMA digital strategy and their upcoming mobile app targeted at replacing the current museum audio tour.

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Are social networks driving traffic to museum websites?

To increase website visits should not be the main reason why a museum joins social networks but it is nevertheless a plausible goal to include in the museum social media strategy.

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Matt Morgan (MET)

Matt Morgan talks about The Metropolitan Museum of Art new website during the conference 'Museums and the Web 2012'.


John Stack (Tate)

John Stack talks about Tate's online strategy and Tate's new website during the conference 'Museums and the Web 2012'.


Rob Stein (IMA)

Rob Stein talks about museums and technology during the conference 'Museums and the Web 2012'.

MuseumNext 2012

In May 23-25, we will be in Barcelona presenting Museum Analytics at the conference MuseumNext.

MW2012 prizes

Museums and the Web 2012

INTK has won 2 awards in 1 night!


Museum Analytics

Online platform for sharing and discussing information about museums and their audiences.



Control your own cloud.


INTK research mentioned at Ípsilon

INTK research is mentioned in an opinion article by António Pinto Ribeiro (Ípsilon, Público, May 13th, 2011).

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AAMC 2011: Online strategies

Digital strategies primarily focus on how organizations can benefit from technological developments. In the case of cultural institutions, such strategies ought go beyond an utilitarian approach and ...


Guerilla Projection

Experiment, create and act!


Street-lamp by Özalp Eröz

One of Özalp Eröz great projects involved personalizing a street lamp by empowering passerby's with the possibility to turn it on and off. Pure open urban design.


First prize: the art of exhibiting art online

INTK wins first prize in the third edition of the competition 'ARTE 2.0 VOCENTO: the art of exhibiting art online'.


P2P Really Existing Social Media

We are presenting at ISEA2010 RUHR Conference. Come and say "Hello world!".



Available for free download!!!

We make money not art

Rui Guerra on online strategies for cultural spaces

In this interview, Rui Guerra of INTK describes his view on the online presence of cultural organizations.



"In-between" is a series of multi-portraits presented side-by-side. Each portrait depicts a person in a transition situation or simply performing a task.


Beam me up, Scotty. Take II

19:00 // 4 Dec // 2008 Location: Vredenburg P&C building



INTK initiated unCraftivism an open event at Arnolfini, Bristol, UK, where everybody could present their own work or to initiate other events either by dropping by at the Anorlfini Museum or using a ...


Beam it

Beam It is an electronic screen meant for public space that is open for user generated content.



Hell is other people.



Uncurated and self-organized event during the Dutch Electronic Art Festival 2007.