Junior Project Manager & Online Marketeer

Work with more than 30 cultural organisations

INTK is a young and ambitious studio based in Utrecht, specialised in developing digital strategies for cultural organizations.

Our mission is to change how people relate to culture. Forty years ago very few people sported on a regular basis. Today, many people dedicate several hours a week to sports. Inspired by the changes in the sports sector, we would like to bring a similar change to the culture sector. Our goal is to encourage people that love culture to engage on cultural activities on a weekly basis. For example, we want to encourage people that love cinema to go to the movies every week.
We work with several museums, theaters, film houses, castles, libraries, festivals, etc. Some of the cultural organisations we work with include, Van Gogh Museum, Stadsschouwburg Utrecht,  Film Theater Hilversum, Kasteel de Haar, Bibliotheek Gelderland Zuid, Le Guess Who festival, etc.
We are looking for an art & culture aficionado interested in joining our team in the position of project manager and online marketing. In case you have limited experience with online marketing we offer the opportunity to learn while enjoying the benefits of a full-time paid job.
What can you learn:
In the first 2 to 3 weeks in the job we will help you obtain the following Google certificates:
• AdWords Fundamentals
• Search Advertising
• Google Analytics individual qualification
You will learn some of the most advanced project management and communication tools, including:
• Learn how to plan your week using Asana
 Learn how to communicate transparently using Slack

Your tasks:
At INTK you will be slowly responsible for all parts of the business. This includes:
* Account manger: you are responsible to be the contact person of at least 10 cultural organisations;
* Online marketer: you will start by doing adWords campaigns for those cultural organisations, at a later stage you can grow into doing Display and FaceBook campaigns or any other marketing tasks that the cultural organisation requests.
* Business developer: every week you will have meetings with new cultural organisations encouraging them to work with us.
* Business manager: we will teach you how to be an entrepreneur by sending your own invoices and taking of the financial part of the business.
INTK is one of the leading marketing agencies in the cultural sector. We are ambitious and looking forward to expand with new ideas and markets. Within a couple of years your position can grow into more responsibility and completely new tasks.
You are:
• Passionated about art and culture
• Proficient in Dutch
• Interested in online marketing and digital technologies
* Ideally you have a master degree in Marketing or some experience in the cultural sector
What we offer:
* Learning all about online marketing in the cultural sector;
• Work with a young international team;
• Offices at the centre of Utrecht;
• Your first year salary is comparable to a marketing salary in the cultural sector. Your salary will grow as fast as your achievements;
• 5 weeks holidays (25 days)
Are you interested in knowing more? Send an email to Janique Smeets at jobs@intk.com