Hannah Mars

Online communication specialist at INTK

Hannah’s work is driven by her ideals, one of which is culture. She likes to introduce people to cultural activities for whom that is not self-evident and is interested in the ways marketing can encourage people to things they did not yet know they love. Personally, she is mostly interested in literature, music and the visual arts.

Hannah studied at the University of Groningen, where she completed bachelor’s degrees in Dutch Language and Culture and Philosophy of the Humanities, and a master’s degree in Dutch Studies. She also followed courses from the curriculums of Linguistics, Arts, Culture and Media, and History. During her studies, she was chief editor of her students’ association’s magazine and worked for Scribbr, a proofreading service for students’ theses. Hannah did an internship at Emancipator, the Dutch organisation for men and gender justice, and later worked with them on the Dutch White Ribbon Campaign.

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