Kari-Anne Stienstra

Online communication specialist at INTK

Kari-Anne graduated her master’s on the subject of the (missing) global perspective on and of art within the Dutch museums. Because of this, she developed a great interest in how certain messages are conceived and conveyed. This comes in handy within the wide world of communication: after gaining experience with internships, she started working for Leiden University and after that a start-up web shop in Amsterdam, where she was responsible for managing the online communities and online communication. She has experience with thinking from the perspective of different target audiences and how to adjust your communication (in all its forms) to this.

Kari-Anne received her bachelor’s degree in Art history from Leiden University, and then continued here with the master of Arts & Culture: Art in the Contemporary World and World Art Studies. She focused on contemporary art in a global perspective. During her master’s she did an internship at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam and also at its contemporary art auxiliary called Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam. Here she worked on the project Global Collaborations.

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