Merel Peters

Online communication specialist at INTK

Merel is specialized in social media. She researched, wrote and implemented an online marketing campaign, with an emphasis on social media, for the app Vossenstreken. Vossenstreken is a Dutch walkingapp focused on families with young children (age 5 to 12 years). The app is a collaboration between Brabant Landschap, Kempens Landschap and Natuurmuseum Brabant. In Natuurmuseum Brabant (nature museum located in Tilburg) she executed the work for the online marketing campaign for Vossenstreken. Here Merel learned about the workings of a museum and collaborations between museums and other organizations.

Merel completed her education in April, resulting in a Bachelor’s degree in Communication from the Fontys Economische Hogeschool Tilburg. She mostly worked with non-profit organizations, such as a hospital, handicapped care, elderly care and a nature museum. These experiences let to appreciation and passion for non-profit organizations and helping people.

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