Miguel Plaza Perrot

Online communication Intern at INTK

Miguel really loves culture. He is a strong supporter of the role that culture can have as an agent of positives changes and, also, as an active part of the human progress. He holds a degree in Marketing and market research with a minor in Art History from Universitat Oberta de Cataluña. He has done an Erasmus exchange in the University of Science and Technology of Krakow and he has a diploma in Film direction from the Instituto del Cine de Madrid. He has a strong focus on digital marketing, human resources, brand marketing and relational marketing. His passion for cinema inspired him to participate in different projects as cinema festivals (IBAFF) and to do his final degree project about the possibilities of developing small art houses cinemas in small and medium cities. He has a special interest in nonprofit activities. He did one year of social work in France (Unis-Cité) and he has been working as a volunteer in some cultural nonprofit organizations in Norway (HUSER) and Germany (ZebraKino).

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