Aleksandra Porada

Online communication specialist at INTK

Aleksandra specializes in brand communication and storytelling. In her communication strategies she often refers to memories and essential emotions in order to create a bond between a brand and the audience. One of the challenges of marketing in the culture sector that she finds crucial is to develop a sense of personality and relevancy.

Aleksandra is fascinated with the culture in its very domestic form – food. Most of her university projects involved a culinary brand. While studying at Fontys Academy for Creative Industries (exchange program) she developed a storytelling strategy for a Polish classic confectionery – “Teatralny” Wafer. During her Master studies (Image Communication at the University of Wroclaw) she worked on a communication strategy for a local restaurant and she created a digital concept of social cooking for neighbours. Currently she is working on her thesis, conducting a foresight research on culinary culture in Poland in 2040.

During her last year of Bachelor studies she joined a team of Transatlantyk Festival – International event celebrating Cinema and Film Music. Having experienced the dynamics and beauty of such a big cultural undertaking she became more interested in creating user experience through the combination of digital and traditional channels. Studying communication she had a chance to develop as a radio speaker, supporting – and later running – a culture-focused broadcast. Besides the opportunity to meet amazing personalities she was rewarded with a media accreditation to International Movie Festival “Nowe Horyzonty” (as an official messenger).

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