Alice Duclos

Online communication specialist at INTK

Alice is dedicated to exploring the borders between the arts and every day life. She more particularly specializes herself in the merging of various disciplines such as history, sciences, and psychology with artistic representations in various forms. Her high school curriculum in the multidisciplinary Steiner School system, has given Alice a strong artistic take on culture, ever experimenting with new techniques and mediums.

During her Bachelor in European Culture – French, at the University of Luxembourg, she furthered her knowledge of French literature & culture, producing a thesis on the Arthurian myth in today’s children literature. After her Master degree in Information and Librarian Studies at Aberystwyth University, she volunteered for a year at the World Peace Centre in Verdun, creating workshops and exhibitions to teach various audiences about peace via cultural mediation. She first entered the world of digital and online communication as a Community Manager for a global automotive company, developing her knowledge for marketing.

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