Judith Meijer

Online communication specialist at INTK
Judith is an enthusiastic idealist who is embarking on the adventure to start her career. She is very interested in online marketing campaigns. She aspires to work for companies that positively influence the word and make it a better place. She would love to combine her passion for arts and culture and her marketing and communication expertise at INTK.

She separates herself from the pack with a practical, as well as an academic education. She holds a Bachelor degree in Advertising, Marketing & Communication from the University of Applied Sciences Amsterdam. Here she worked on campaigns for big clients like the Voedingscentrum (Nutrition Centre) and did an internship at a PR office in London. Thereafter, she went to the University of Amsterdam to complete her Masters degree in Political Communication. Here she studied political campaigns and wrote a thesis about the stereotyping of female politicians in the media.
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