Michiel Dejonckheere

Online communication specialist at INTK

Michiel is specialized in the translation of online performances into offline cultural engagement. His goal is to carry out the enthusiasm that art, culture and history provoke, using digital marketing campaigns. He can do this in French, English and Dutch. Michiel has a master in history, with a minor in art history, and specialized in public history.

After a traineeship for the documentation and communication service of the Council of the EU, he managed customer relationship for the Gustave Moreau Museum in Paris. At the same time, he was project manager of CelebRo, a geolocation application mapping places of remembrances in the same city. Michiel was doing the online marketing for the app, when he decided to professionalize. He did that at the Oreegami Academy in Paris, where guest speakers of Google, Facebook and Amazon teach and where he obtained certification for Google Ads and Google Analytics. Now he brings his passions for culture and digital marketing together.

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