Pascal Veenhof

Online communication specialist at INTK
Pascal is a driven marketer with a passion for storytelling. At a young age, he becomes fascinated by the power and emotions that stories can bring to others. During his work as a guide, staff leader and then online marketer at Kasteel de Haar, he gets acqainted with the cultural sector and its challenges. Therefore, visitor numbers, exploitation and tight budgets are not strange to him.

Pascal has followed a Business Communication studies at the Hogeschool Utrecht, with a minor in 'Communicating through art' as a specialization. After working as a web editor for a publisher in Amsterdam, he started as an online marketer at Kasteel de Haar and then as a content specialist at a startup in Amsterdam. He has gained experience in advertising, copywriting and analytical work. Various websites, campaigns and an app were launched (partly) under his leadership
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