Pim Geenen

Online communication specialist at INTK

Pim is a Digital Humanist. He has a special affinity with computers and everything that comes with it, but is also a people’s person, who has learned to mediate between different types of people when he was a board member of his study association. His goal is to prepare the cultural sector for the future and is therefore highly interested in the opportunities – and challenges – that digitalization presents for this domain. In his spare time, Pim loves to visit historic sites, interesting museums and bars with good beer.

Pim started studying Communication at the Fontys Hogeschool in Eindhoven, learning the ropes of both the communication- and marketing profession. However, his true passions lay in history, the humanities and the cultural sector, so he moved to Leiden and started a Bachelor in History at the university there. After finishing his Bachelor, he obtained a Master degree at Leiden University in Media Studies, specializing in Book and Digital Media Studies. This program focussed on building bridges between cultural heritage in the form of (old) books on one side and the new digital age on the other, during which Pim became acquainted with programming languages like XML, HTML, SQL and Python.

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