Roos Fink

Online communication specialist at INTK

Roos has a creative mind and a good sense of intuition, and is specialised in creating the link between research and practice. She has conducted various research projects with enthusiasm and has gained much hands-on practical experience within cultural organisations. For instance, Roos researched how to reach the Moroccan target audience for TivoliVredenburg. She later applied the results in practice by developing a strategy for reaching audiences with different cultural backgrounds for the Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam.

Roos has a bachelor's degree in Arts and Economics with a specialisation towards theatre management. This June, she will finish her master in Communication Science with the 'marketing and health education' track. Roos is inspired by the techniques of health communication and aims to apply this knowledge to developing marketing strategies within the cultural sector. Her master's thesis focuses on the effectiveness of online branded games for promoting healthy food. During her studies she fulfilled various marketing jobs with Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam, Nederlands Film Festival, Café Theater Festival and the theatre group Schweigman&.

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