Rosanne Peeters

Online communication specialist at INTK

Rosanne is specialized in the unique cross over point between culture and marketing and communication, especially online. She has a particular interest in the way social media influencers, on Youtube, impact their audience while they promote brands and products. With her masters thesis she specialized in this topic. In 2016 she studied the behavior of 200 students when they watched a Youtube influencer.

Rosanne has a Bachelor’s Degree in Cultural Heritage from the Reinwardt Academy in Amsterdam and a Master’s Degree in Communication Science from the Vrije Universiteit In Amsterdam. As part of her studies she worked at The Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam, where she was in charge of organizing the Museum Night. Additionally, she wrote her thesis about Botanical Gardens in the Netherlands and their place within the Dutch cultural field. She was also a student member at Enactus VU, setting up social projects in and around Amsterdam, with a focus on marketing and communication.

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