Solène Charron

Online communication specialist at INTK

Solène is specialized in written communication. Her interest is to analyze, understand and assimilate an environment and its jargon, so she can become its genuine voice through any media, and towards any audience. She is particularly passionate about typography and grammar, and loves to compare one language and its rules to another–or others. She has several years of experience in creating all kinds of content for different type of audiences in many different fields (i.e. art, culture, science, tourism, agriculture), and in different structures. On her new adventure, she now would like to learn all about marketing tools and campaigns.

Solène has a Master’s degree in Written Communication, focusing on the creation of original and effective print and digital content, adapted to a given audience. For this degree, she completed a traineeship as a Communications Officer for the Université Paris Diderot where she wrote about the cultural and academic life of the university. Then, she got a Master’s degree in Language Industry and Specialized Translation, where she thoroughly studied linguistics, terminology and, more generally, learnt how to adapt, language-wise, to any area of expertise. During that year, she completed another traineeship, this time as a Communications Officer for the French and European mushroom growers’ associations.

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