Suzanne van Mil

Online communication specialist at INTK

Suzanne's drive stems from her interest in the ever-changing relationship of people towards their cultural heritage. Her main passion lies in creating a meaningful and mutual connection between cultural institutions and the public. She believes the use of online technology and appropriate marketing strategies is essential to stimulate the participation of hard-to-reach target groups. Previously, she worked as an account manager at izi.TRAVEL. She closely collaborated with various museums and cultural institutions within the Benelux and supported them in creating and marketing their storytelling content, both online and offline.

Suzanne has a Bachelor’s degree in Cultural Heritage (specialized in public & media and intangible heritage) from the Reinwardt Academy in Amsterdam. During her studies, she worked for Museum Speelklok in Utrecht, among others. There, she researched the visitors' flow and their experience, for the goal of aftercare and evaluation of de renewed permanent exhibition. For her thesis, she focused on identifying and analyzing the various and changing meanings that immigrant communities attribute to their cultural intangible heritage. For this, she received a nomination for the Peter van Mensch prize in 2017.

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