unCloud Linux

Installing linux version of unCloud

Installation instructions

Before installing unCloud make sure to backup your apache folder contents /var/www/ if you have something there. The website served by uncloud will be stored in this directory.

To install unCloud on linux you can use the automatic remote installation script by simply pasting the following command on a terminal window.

curl https://raw.github.com/davidjonas/unCloud/unCloudLinux/remote-install | sudo sh

This configures your machine downloads and installs unCloud at ~/unCloud

Adding images to the slideshow

To add images to the slideshow, copy them to the folder:


Running unCloud

To run unCloud, type the following commands in a terminal:

cd ~/unCloud
sudo ./start

When unCloud starts, it generates a wireless network called "unCloud".
When you are done using unCloud you can stop it by running:

sudo ./stop


This version was tested only in Ubuntu.