Website metrics of 16 dutch museums

INTK analysed and discussed web metrics from the 16 dutch museums.

While it is easy to access statistics about social networks from museums worldwide, the same cannot be said about museum websites statistics. Together with 16 Dutch museums we have collected web metrics and presented them in a comparative fashion. The data used in this article have been collected with Google Analytics from April 1st until April 30.

Some of the outcomes of the research are:

  • The most popular museum websites are often the websites of museums that have large audiences. In this case the most popular website is the Van Gogh museum website;
  • For most museums, more than 20% of their online visits, are made using a mobile device (including tablets);
  • The Apple iPad is the most popular mobile device to visit a museum website;
  • The Van Gogh museum website is the most internationally oriented museum. The majority of the online visitors are based in Amsterdam, London and Paris;
  • The most visited websites by local audiences are the websites of the Eye Filmmuseum, Amsterdam museum and Stedelijk museum.

Does some of these findings hold true for your organisation too? What is the percentage of mobile visits? What are the most popular devices? Is your museum online audience mostly national or international? Are there other metrics that we should have be including in our research?

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