Stadsschouwburg Utrecht

A theatre designed by architect Willem Dudok in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

After years of preparation, the renovation of the City Theatre is now in full swing. The performances will continue; the Douwe Egberts Hall is open again and the Blue Hall performances can be seen in RASA. The aim of the renovation is to meet the requirements of the 21st century and to be of better service to the visitors. The magnificent building of architect Dudok will be equipped efficiently and, where possible, the monumental value will be restored. For the occasion of the renovation artist Jeroen Hermkens created a mural in the Zocherfoyer.

Most eye-catching part of the renovation is the adaptation of the Blue Hall, which will be rotated a quarter turn. The stage will be larger and the comfort of the public will be greatly improved. The entrance area will be less closed. Relocating the wardrobe will create (visual) contact with the surrounding park. Restaurant Zindering is expanded and completely restyled. With the expansion and redesign of the public space a number of logistical problems will be solved. Offices and storage space will be redeveloped in the basement.

Although the total renovation will take more than a year the program in the Douwe Egberts Hall continues. To be able to receive the public a temporary entrance building has been created. For the majority of the Blue Hall programming the Stadsschouwburg Utrecht found a year-long shelter in RASA, a well-equipped and cozy flat floor theater in the heart of downtown Utrecht. The cooperation with RASA also offers new opportunities and clues for a series of joint productions next season.




Lucia Claus


Utrecht, The Netherlands


220,000+ (2014)


858,000+ (2014)






INTK, collaborators and freelancers responsible for projects developed with the Stadsschouwburg Utrecht.

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INTK co-founder and strategist

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Online communication specialist at INTK

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Albert Schoneveld

PR & Marketing Consultant at Stadsschouwburg Utrecht


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