INTK researches and develops digital strategies and creates critical interventions that reflect on art, technology and society.

Streete View

Interactive ‘Streete View’ using old maps.

Peter Gorgels (Rijksmuseum)

About Rijksmuseum digital strategy that focuses on connecting people, art and history.

Social media and museum websites

Are social networks driving traffic to museum websites?


Smart and inspiring articles about museums & digital

Museums & Non-Profit Organisations

INTK researches and develops digital strategies in collaboration with more than 30 non-profit organizations.

Limburgs Museum

A cultural historic museum in Venlo, the Netherlands.

Stedelijk Museum Kampen

The museum has four main subjects: Water, Religion, Justice and the House of Orange-Nassau.

Museum Boerhaave

National Museum for the History of Science and Medicine located in Leiden, the Netherlands.