Ideas, projects & interviews

INTK publishes about digital developments and non-profit organizations on a regular basis.


Uncurated and self-organized event during the Dutch Electronic Art Festival 2007

Michael Edson (Smithsonian)

Three urgent topics for all museums: scope, scale and speed.

Streete View

Interactive ‘Streete View’ using old maps.

Peter Gorgels (Rijksmuseum)

About Rijksmuseum digital strategy that focuses on connecting people, art and history.

Report: Action Research Project

A group of 16 Dutch museums joined forces to define, measure and evaluate online success in the cultural sector.

Museums & social media

3 publishing best practices for museums social media.

Visitor motivation in online museum audiences

What are visitors looking for when they visit museum websites?

Museum Analytics: Action Research Project

Defining, measuring and evaluating online success in the cultural sector.

Online museum goals

How to ask the right questions?

How to set up Google Analytics email reports

Receive daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly PDF reports about your website using Google Analytics.

Website metrics of 16 dutch museums

INTK analysed and discussed web metrics from the 16 dutch museums.

Google Analytics health checklist

Take the most out of Google Analytics by properly configuring it on your website.

Goals and Metrics

In the first workshop, we analysed and discussed the online analytics maturity of 16 dutch museums.

Digital analytics and museums

Six tweetable actions towards improving digital analytics in your museum.

Nick Poole (Collections Trust)

Talks about the challenge of designing museum services - both online and onsite.

National Gallery of Denmark (SMK)

Five short interviews about their digital strategy and their ideas for an open, collaborative and democratic museum.

Andrew Lewis (V&A)

About the Victoria and Albert Museum digital strategy.

Allegra Burnette (MOMA)

About the history of MoMA digital strategy and their upcoming mobile app targeted at replacing the current museum audio tour.

Nate Solas (Walker Art Center)

About the ideas behind the award winning website of the Walker Art Center.

Matt Morgan (MET)

About The Metropolitan Museum of Art new website during the conference 'Museums and the Web 2012'.

Rob Stein (IMA)

About museums and technology during the conference 'Museums and the Web 2012'.

John Stack (Tate)

John Stack talks about Tate's online strategy and Tate's new website during the conference 'Museums and the Web 2012'.

Social media and museum websites

Are social networks driving traffic to museum websites?

Museum Analytics

Information about museums and their audiences.

unCloud Linux

Installing linux version of unCloud


Control your own cloud.