Peter Gorgels (Rijksmuseum)

Peter Gorgels is the manager of the Rijksmuseum's digital communication, i.e. the corporate website, the online collection and Rijksstudio. Since 2002 he has worked on a lot of award-winning projects for the Rijksmuseum. He is involved as advisor or project manager in practically every digital project like the Rijksmuseum app and the museum's social media presence. In 2011, he wrote the E-strategy of the Rijksmuseum. He's always looking for innovative ways to improve the interaction of the audience with the masterpieces of the Rijksmuseum.

Rijksstudio is an innovative digital application that makes a large part of the museum's collection available to all, absolutely free of charge. Some 125,000 well- and lesser-known pictures can be examined in close detail. Users can interact with them, "like" them, share them with others and use them in any way they wish.